Nurja Rug

Sale price1,890.00 EUR

Color: Natural White
Style: Knotted


Size: 150 x 240 cm


Looking for a rug that's both comfortable and stylish? Nurja is the perfect choice! Designed by Laura Seppänen, this rug features two heights and a unique linear fringe down the centre, adding a touch of architectural flair to your space. Made from soft and cozy wool, Nurja is perfect for those who want a rug that's both functional and stylish. Whether you're looking for a rug for your living room, bedroom, or home office, Nurja's timeless design and quality construction make it a great investment.

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Made to order (3-5 months)


Made of pure Ethiopian highland sheep wool. Thread, knotting, and weaving are entirely handmade. No chemicals were used.
Woven rugs: weaving is made of wool (50%) and warp is made of cotton (50%).
Knotted rugs: knotting is done of wool (80%), and the warp is made of cotton (20%)

Product Care

- woven rugs can be washed with water, just make sure that the rug dries entirely
- knotted rugs are recommended to be professionally cleaned

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