Detjer inspires people to create spaces that reflect their unique personalities, celebrate their creativity, and inspire others.

Timeless Elegance

Detjer offers a unique blend of craftsmanship, authenticity, and individuality that inspires homeowners to create spaces that reflect their unique personalities and celebrate their creativity. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on creating works of art that elevate spaces, Detjer invites you to experience the beauty and purpose that their furniture brings to every room.


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Office Desk 120Office Desk 120
Office Desk 120 Sale price1,799.00
Office Desk 90Office Desk 90
Office Desk 90 Sale price1,199.00
Dining SofaDining Sofa
Dining Sofa Sale price869.00
Sewing StoolSewing Stool
Sewing Stool Sale price299.00
Night CabinNight Cabin
Night Cabin Sale price349.00
Kangaroo ChairKangaroo Chair
Kangaroo Chair Sale price899.00
Cushion for Lounge ChairCushion for Lounge Chair
Cushion for Lounge Chair Sale price129.00
Cushion for Kangaroo ChairCushion for Kangaroo Chair
Cushion for Dining ChairCushion for Dining Chair
Cushion for Dining Chair Sale price119.00
Cushion for Bench 3Cushion for Bench 3
Cushion for Bench 3 Sale price259.00
Coffee TableCoffee Table
Coffee Table Sale priceFrom 799.00
Cane Bar StoolCane Bar Stool
Cane Bar Stool Sale price499.00
Book Rack 6Dark Brown Book Rack 6 - THAT COOL LIVING
Book Rack 6 Sale price949.00
Bench 4Bench 4
Bench 4 Sale price899.00
Bench 3Bench 3
Bench 3 Sale price649.00
Bench 2Bench 2
Bench 2 Sale price499.00
Bench 1Bench 1
Bench 1 Sale price359.00
Stool S.A.S. 006Stool S.A.S. 006
Stool S.A.S. 006 Sale price399.00
Stool S.A.S. 002Stool S.A.S. 002
Stool S.A.S. 002 Sale price399.00
Storage CabinetStorage Cabinet
Storage Cabinet Sale price2,999.00
Storage DressoirStorage Dressoir
Storage Dressoir Sale price1,999.00
Salon TableSalon Table
Salon Table Sale price699.00
Charles Stools M + LCharles Stools M + L
Charles Stools M + L Sale price449.00
Outdoor Bench 3Outdoor Bench 3
Outdoor Bench 3 Sale price799.00
Stool S.A.S. 008Stool S.A.S. 008
Stool S.A.S. 008 Sale price399.00
Upholstered Kangaroo FootstoolUpholstered Kangaroo Footstool
Kangaroo FootstoolKangaroo Footstool
Kangaroo Footstool Sale price349.00
Upholstered Dining ChairUpholstered Dining Chair
Upholstered Dining Chair Sale price599.00
Upholstered Lounge ChairUpholstered Lounge Chair
Upholstered Lounge Chair Sale price799.00
Dining TableDining Table
Dining Table Sale priceFrom 1,890.00
Upholstered Kangaroo ChairUpholstered Kangaroo Chair
Cushion for Teak Kangaroo Chair - THAT COOL LIVINGCushion for Outdoor Kangaroo Chair
Teak Kangaroo Chair - THAT COOL LIVINGOutdoor Kangaroo Chair
Outdoor Kangaroo Chair Sale price799.00
Teak Dining Table 180 - THAT COOL LIVINGTeak Dining Table 180 - THAT COOL LIVING
Outdoor Dining Table 180 Sale price1,999.00
Cushion for Bench 1Cushion for Bench 1
Cushion for Bench 1 Sale price109.00
Cushion for Bench 2Cushion for Bench 2
Cushion for Bench 2 Sale price199.00
Beauty and purpose.


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