Bar Stools

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, bar stools are also incredibly functional. They're perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a casual meal with family, and they're also great for creating a more informal, relaxed atmosphere in your home.


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Alto Bar Stool - OakAlto Bar Stool - Oak
Alto Bar Stool - Oak Sale price569.00 EUR
Lover Bar ChairLover Bar Chair
Lover Bar Chair Sale price829.00 EUR
NY11 Bar Chair - LeatherNY11 Bar Chair - Leather
NY11 Bar Chair - Leather Sale price779.00 EUR
NY11 Bar ChairNY11 Bar Chair
NY11 Bar Chair Sale price779.00 EUR
Pub StoolPub Stool
Around Works
Pub Stool Sale price1,190.00 EUR
Lammi BarstoolLammi Barstool
Made By Choice
Lammi Barstool Sale priceFrom 1,090.00 EUR
Lonna BarstoolLonna Barstool
Made By Choice
Lonna Barstool Sale priceFrom 649.00 EUR
Cake Bar StoolCake Bar Stool
Cake Bar Stool Sale price679.00 EUR
Rattan Bar StoolRattan Bar Stool
Rattan Bar Stool Sale price499.00 EUR
Alto Bar Stool - BlackAlto Bar Stool - Black
Alto Bar Stool - WalnutAlto Bar Stool - Walnut
Japanese Bar StoolJapanese Bar Stool
Kristina Dam
Japanese Bar Stool Sale price499.00 EUR
Langue Bar Chair - LeatherLangue Bar Chair - Leather
Langue Bar Chair - Leather Sale price1,290.00 EUR
NY11 Bar stool - LeatherNY11 Bar stool - Leather
NY11 Bar stool - Leather Sale price799.00 EUR
NY11 Bar StoolNY11 Bar Stool
NY11 Bar Stool Sale price539.00 EUR
Elephant Bar Chair - WoolElephant Bar Chair - Wool
Elephant Bar Chair - Wool Sale price1,190.00 EUR
Elephant Bar Chair - LeatherElephant Bar Chair - Leather
Elephant Bar Chair - Leather Sale price1,390.00 EUR
Elephant Bar ChairElephant Bar Chair
Elephant Bar Chair Sale price829.00 EUR
Elephant Bar Chair - BoucleElephant Bar Chair - Boucle
Elephant Bar Chair - Boucle Sale price1,190.00 EUR
Wood Bar StoolWood Bar Stool
Wood Bar Stool Sale price419.00 EUR
Quad-Space Stool | Tan Leather
Quad-Space Stool | Tan Leather Sale priceFrom 519.00 EUR
Quad-Space Stool | Black LeatherQuad-Space Stool | Black Leather
Quad-Space Stool | Black Leather Sale priceFrom 519.00 EUR
Profile Bar StoolProfile Bar Stool
Profile Bar Stool Sale priceFrom 689.00 EUR
Oki-Nami Bar StoolOki-Nami Bar Stool
Oki-Nami Bar Stool Sale priceFrom 349.00 EUR
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