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Good lounge chairs are like a best friend - always there to support you and make you feel good. Find your perfect match in our collection of stylish and comfortable chairs.


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Hippo Lounge, Full Upholstery - BoucleHippo Lounge, Full Upholstery - Boucle
Chandigarh Easy Lounge ChairChandigarh Easy Lounge Chair
Chandigarh Easy Lounge Chair Sale price749.00 EUR
Chandigarh Armless SofaChandigarh Armless Sofa
Chandigarh Armless Sofa Sale price1,299.00 EUR
Toe Lounge Chair - BoucleToe Lounge Chair - Boucle
101 CPH
Toe Lounge Chair - Boucle Sale price1,690.00 EUR
Ella Lounge ChairElla Lounge Chair
Ella Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom 1,190.00 EUR
Saler Lounge Chair, Symphony Mills - Beige
Hippo Lounge, Full Upholstery - KvadratHippo Lounge, Full Upholstery - Kvadrat
Hippo Lounge Chair - KvadratHippo Lounge Chair - Kvadrat
Hippo Lounge Chair - Kvadrat Sale price2,890.00 EUR
Elephant Lounge Chair - LeatherElephant Lounge Chair - Leather
Elephant Lounge Chair - Leather Sale price2,790.00 EUR
Elephant Lounge Chair - SheepskinElephant Lounge Chair - Sheepskin
Elephant Lounge Chair - Sheepskin Sale price3,090.00 EUR
Elephant Lounge Chair - BoucléElephant Lounge Chair - Bouclé
Elephant Lounge Chair - Bouclé Sale price2,190.00 EUR
Elephant Lounge Chair, Full Upholstery - BoucleElephant Lounge Chair, Full Upholstery - Boucle
Little Big ChairLittle Big Chair
Little Big Chair Sale priceFrom 2,990.00 EUR
Little Big Chair - SheepskinLittle Big Chair - Sheepskin
Little Big Chair - Sheepskin Sale price5,190.00 EUR
Hippo Lounge - BoucleHippo Lounge - Boucle
Hippo Lounge - Boucle Sale price2,590.00 EUR
Mombaers Lounge Chair - WhiteMombaers Lounge Chair - White
Mombaers Lounge Chair - White Sale price2,999.00 EUR
Mombaers Lounge Chair - CharcoalMombaers Lounge Chair - Charcoal
Mombaers Lounge Chair - Natural
Mombaers Lounge Chair - Olive
Mombaers Lounge Chair - Olive Sale price2,346.00 EUR
Mombaers Lounge Chair - SandMombaers Lounge Chair - Sand
Mombaers Lounge Chair - Sand Sale price2,534.00 EUR
Mombaers Lounge Chair - TaupeMombaers Lounge Chair - Taupe
Mombaers Lounge Chair - Taupe Sale price2,346.00 EUR
Mombaers Lounge Chair - MustardMombaers Lounge Chair - Mustard
Mombaers Lounge Chair - ApricotMombaers Lounge Chair - Apricot
Mombaers Lounge Chair - SepiaMombaers Lounge Chair - Sepia
Mombaers Lounge Chair - Sepia Sale price2,364.00 EUR
Mombaers Lounge Chair - IvoryMombaers Lounge Chair - Ivory
Mombaers Lounge Chair - Ivory Sale price3,624.00 EUR
Naïve Low Chair | KvadratNaïve Low Chair | Kvadrat
Naïve Low Chair | Kvadrat Sale price1,299.00 EUR
Naïve Low Chair | DeliusNaïve Low Chair | Delius
Naïve Low Chair | Delius Sale price1,299.00 EUR
Naïve Low ChairNaïve Low Chair
Naïve Low Chair Sale price1,199.00 EUR
Naïve Low Chair | VelourNaïve Low Chair | Velour
Naïve Low Chair | Velour Sale price1,199.00 EUR
Naïve Low Chair | LeatherNaïve Low Chair | Leather
Naïve Low Chair | Leather Sale price1,399.00 EUR
Upholstered Kangaroo ChairUpholstered Kangaroo Chair
Upholstered Kangaroo Chair Sale price999.00 EUR
Mirror Lounge ChairMirror Lounge Chair - THAT COOL LIVING
Project 213A
Mirror Lounge Chair Sale price7,490.00 EUR
Puff Lounge Chair - BerryPuff Lounge Chair - Berry
Pols Potten
Puff Lounge Chair - Berry Sale price1,690.00 EUR
Grapy Lounge | Pink CottonGrapy Lounge | Pink Cotton
Grapy Lounge | Grey CottonGrapy Lounge | Grey Cotton
Grapy Lounge | Navy VelvetGrapy Lounge | Navy Velvet
GAN Rugs
Grapy Lounge | Navy Velvet Sale price1,190.00 EUR
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