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OSSKA Design products are a lifestyle choice for those with a discerning taste.

Showcasing Poland's finest craftsmanship.

OSSKA Design is a team of youthful enthusiasts with profound experience, transforming wood into masterpieces since 2015. Born in collaboration with top-tier global brands, their furniture, especially their exquisite beds, are more than just functional pieces; they're works of art, imbued with a unique flair and attention to detail. Fully committed to their craft, each creation showcases a blend of style, sustainability, and unparalleled craftsmanship.


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Noy BedNoy Bed
Noy Bed Sale priceFrom 4,790.00 EUR
Moka BedMoka Bed
Moka Bed Sale priceFrom 3,490.00 EUR
Luna II BedLuna II Bed
Luna II Bed Sale priceFrom 3,990.00 EUR
Luna I BedLuna I Bed
Luna I Bed Sale priceFrom 3,990.00 EUR
Ossi BedOssi Bed
Ossi Bed Sale priceFrom 4,090.00 EUR
Nude BedNude Bed
Nude Bed Sale priceFrom 4,890.00 EUR
Vilo BedVilo Bed
Vilo Bed Sale priceFrom 4,490.00 EUR
Primo BedPrimo Bed
Primo Bed Sale priceFrom 4,090.00 EUR
Touch BedTouch Bed
Touch Bed Sale priceFrom 4,690.00 EUR
Nata BedNata Bed
Nata Bed Sale priceFrom 3,690.00 EUR
For those with a discerning taste.


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