Canoa Lab

Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz craft pottery and jewelry that seek to preserve ancient techniques and aesthetics. 

Laboratory of Ceramics

Canoa Lab's work is defined by a deep respect for materials, metal and clay being the primary raw materials with which they work. Both of these elements have been used since the beginning of humanity to not only make tools and supplies but also for creating objects to contemplate and connect with our bodies and environment. Pottery and jewelry have worked together in each society’s development, mutating and showing the interests, needs, and concerns of a given era.


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Hydria VaseHydria Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Canoa Lab
Hydria Vase Sale price299.00 EUR
Isolated n.11 VaseIsolated n.11 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated n.11 Vase Sale price599.00 EUR
Calpido VaseCalpido Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Canoa Lab
Calpido Vase Sale price229.00 EUR
Lydion VaseLydion Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Canoa Lab
Lydion Vase Sale price299.00 EUR
Isolated n.19 VaseIsolated n.19 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated n.19 Vase Sale price499.00 EUR
Isolated n.14 VaseIsolated n.14 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated n.14 Vase Sale price1,390.00 EUR
Isolated N.21 VaseIsolated N.21 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated N.21 Vase Sale price729.00 EUR
Isolated N.7 VaseIsolated N.7 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated N.7 Vase Sale price539.00 EUR
Isolated N.17 VaseIsolated N.17 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated N.17 Vase Sale price599.00 EUR
Psychter VasePsychter Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Canoa Lab
Psychter Vase Sale price229.00 EUR
Stamnos VaseStamnos Vase
Canoa Lab
Stamnos Vase Sale price229.00 EUR
Lebes VaseLebes Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Canoa Lab
Lebes Vase Sale price349.00 EUR
Ancient techniques and aesthetics


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