Hein Studio

We challenge the value of the ordinary in everyday life and elevate it's frame by making everyday objects extraordinary.

Making everyday extraordinary

Hein Studio was founded in 2016 by fashion Designer and Artist Rebecca Hein and Construction Architect Brian Hein. With a shared interest in architecture and the way of living with design and art it was the perfect foundation for creating something new and extraordinary that could last for generations to come. The couple together with their team push the boundaries to elevate a limitless brand universe.  


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Ostrea 25 VaseOstrea 25 Vase
Hein Studio
Ostrea 25 Vase Sale price429.00 EUR
Reflection VaseReflection Vase
Hein Studio
Reflection Vase Sale price299.00 EUR
De La Mer NecklaceDe La Mer Necklace
Hein Studio
De La Mer Necklace Sale price669.00 EUR
De La Mer BraceletDe La Mer Bracelet
Hein Studio
De La Mer Bracelet Sale price379.00 EUR
Ripple Marble BowlRipple Marble Bowl
Hein Studio
Ripple Marble Bowl Sale price529.00 EUR
On sale
Ripple Knob - GoldRipple Knob - Gold
Hein Studio
Ripple Knob - Gold Sale priceFrom 89.00 EUR
On sale
Ripple Knob - SilverRipple Knob - Silver
Hein Studio
Ripple Knob - Silver Sale priceFrom 79.00 EUR Regular price89.00 EUR
Doublet Candleholder - SilverDoublet Candleholder - Silver
Doublet Candleholder - GoldDoublet Candleholder - Gold
Hein Studio
Doublet Candleholder - Gold Sale priceFrom 109.00 EUR
Unity Candleholder - SilverUnity Candleholder - Silver
Unity Candleholder - GoldUnity Candleholder - Gold
Canyon Vase Mini - ClearCanyon Vase Mini - Clear
Save 10%
Canyon Vase Mini - New SmokeCanyon Vase Mini - New Smoke
Hein Studio
Canyon Vase Mini - New Smoke Sale price89.00 EUR Regular price99.00 EUR
Canyon Vase Large - New SmokeCanyon Vase Large - New Smoke
Canyon Vase Large - GreenCanyon Vase Large - Green
Canyon Vase Large - ClearCanyon Vase Large - Clear
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - ClearOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Clear
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - Pale RoseOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Pale Rose
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - SmokeOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Smoke
Stimulating our senses.


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