Nami Bowl - Large

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The Nami collection is inspired by traditional Japanese ceramic crafts, a way of experiencing beauty in simplicity. With a touch of wabi-sabi, the collection creates a calm atmosphere for every space.

” Exploring the geometric shapes, where a square meets a circle. I wanted to embrace and unite different geometric shapes and keep them clean and calm cut, with an element of surprise ”

Like the name Nami, meaning wave, each angle is asymmetric, like a wave. It creates a new perspective when turning the objects around. Making each angle unique but equally as beautiful. Glazed in a smooth white glaze, that soothes and brings lightness to any room.

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Note: All items are handmade and glazed by hand in Portugal, therefore slight variations and biases may occur as a result of the craftsmanship


H13 x W20x23 cm - approx 1 kg

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