Abeba Rug

Sale price499.00 EUR

Color: Brown
Size: 100 x 200 cm


This rug captures the essence of the Ethiopian capital, from its brick buildings to its lively roads. The unique pattern and vivid natural hues of the sheep's wool will add a touch of the city's vibrancy to your decor. The brown color of the rug resembles the sun-burnt earth of Addis Ababa, creating a stunning visual effect.

Delivery Status

Made to order (3-5 months)


Made of pure Ethiopian highland sheep wool. Thread, knotting, and weaving are entirely handmade. No chemicals were used.
Woven rugs: weaving is made of wool (50%) and warp is made of cotton (50%).

Product Care

woven rugs can be washed with water, just make sure that the rug dries entirely

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