Muhvi Shaggy Wool Rug

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Size: D200 cm


Color: Natural White

A soft, woolen shaggy rug with a subtle wool pile structure. The rug is handmade.

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100% wool, warp: 80% cotton/20% nylon

Wool is naturally antistatic and dirt-resistant which makes it a perfect material for rugs. A wool rug does not absorb humidity so it feels warm and cozy even in chilly spaces.

Wool, like all new natural materials, have their own particular odour which gradually disappears after time and use.

Product Care

Wool is an easy-to-care natural material, often needing only airing and light vacuuming. Lanolin's waterproofing property helps removing fresh stains only with a damp cloth.

Please note that all rugs that are made of natural materials will release some lint in the beginning. However, this will lessen after time and use. We recommend using an anti-slip rug underlay. Never use a rotating brush, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, when vacuuming the rug.

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