Bavaria Duvet

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Size: 135 x 200 cm


Warmth: Light


The down of the Bavaria Limited Edition comes from geese that grow up in one of the most beautiful and natural landscapes in Germany. Here in Bavaria, the tradition-conscious way of life also includes keeping geese appropriately on many farms. The down comforter is perfect for the transitional period such as summer and autum

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- Fine maco batiste, 100% cotton: Maco Cotton is the basis for the finest batiste in different degrees of fineness.
- 100% goose down from Bavaria: Down is a particularly high-quality natural material, which requires a lot of sensitivity during processing.
- Bramscher Tuch: „Bramscher Tuch“ is the sum of high-quality raw materials, fine yarns, and exclusive fabric finishing.

Product Care

- Please ventilate regularly and avoid direct sunlight.
- A gentle shake every so often helps distribute the down evenly.
- Avoid using down duvets to sit or lie on for longer periods.
- For long-term storing use the cotton bag and store it in a dry place.
- Clean every 2 – 4 years by following the instructions on the care label.
- Max. washing temperature: 60C

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