OWO Ceramics designs unique functional works of art that celebrate everyday rituals and make life more fun.

100% Handmade

OWO is a Buenos Aires-based handmade ceramic studio whose raison d’être is to help people slow down, connect with their inner self, and embrace ritual by bringing beauty, art, and consciousness to their daily life.


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Rock Vase IIRock Vase II
Tall Spikes VaseTall Spikes Vase
Spikes Planter ISpikes Planter I
Spikes Vase IVSpikes Vase IV
Spikes Vase IIISpikes Vase III
Spikes VaseSpikes Vase
Small Rock Bowl - Set of 2Small Rock Bowl Set x 2 - THAT COOL LIVING
Rock Salad BowlRock Salad Bowl
Rock Dessert Plate - Set of 2Rock Dessert Plate Set x 2 - THAT COOL LIVING
Rock Dinner Plate - Set of 2Rock Dinner Plate Set x 2 - THAT COOL LIVING
Rock Cheese BoardRock Cheese Board - THAT COOL LIVING
Pitagoras Cheese BoardPitagoras Cheese Board - THAT COOL LIVING
Habana Trinket DishHabana Trinket Dish - THAT COOL LIVING
Habana Large PlatterHabana Large Platter - THAT COOL LIVING
Rock Breakfast BowlRock Breakfast Bowl
Make life more fun.


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