101 Copenhagen

With a focus on organic shapes, refined textures, and timeless yet modern design, we offer classic and innovative pieces for Scandinavian and international interior enthusiasts.

Minimalist Aesthetics

The design of 101 Copenhagen is firmly rooted in the Scandinavian soil and nourished by Japanese minimalist aesthetics. Sharing an emphasis on quality materials, techniques and traditions, the meeting between the North and the East is notable in the holistic collections of 101 Copenhagen. The design approach is dynamic and characterised by freedom of expression - creating unique and timeless pieces without compromising on playfulness and individuality.


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Drop ChandelierDrop Chandelier
101 CPH
Drop Chandelier Sale priceFrom £874.00 GBP
Toe Lounge Chair - BoucleToe Lounge Chair - Boucle
101 CPH
Toe Lounge Chair - Boucle Sale price£1,477.00 GBP
Sahn ChandelierSahn Chandelier
101 CPH
Sahn Chandelier Sale price£1,040.00 GBP
Big Tube Candle Holder - Bone WhiteBig Tube Candle Holder - Bone White
Sold out
Cobra Candle Holder - BlackCobra Candle Holder - Black
Cobra Candle Holder | Bone WhiteCobra Candle Holder | Bone White
Sitting Man Table LampSitting Man Table Lamp
101 CPH
Sitting Man Table Lamp Sale price£262.00 GBP
Foku Lounge Chair - BoucleFoku Lounge Chair - Boucle
101 CPH
Foku Lounge Chair - Boucle Sale price£1,477.00 GBP
Neon Side TableNeon Side Table
101 CPH
Neon Side Table Sale price£673.00 GBP
Sitting Man Floor LampSitting Man Floor Lamp
101 CPH
Sitting Man Floor Lamp Sale price£480.00 GBP
Cross Marble Side TableCross Marble Side Table
101 CPH
Cross Marble Side Table Sale price£769.00 GBP
Medusa Tray - LargeMedusa Tray - Large
101 CPH
Medusa Tray - Large Sale price£192.00 GBP
Medusa Tray - MiniMedusa Tray - Mini
101 CPH
Medusa Tray - Mini Sale price£113.00 GBP
Toe Lounge Chair - Taupe PalazzoToe Lounge Chair - Taupe Palazzo
Bow Floor LampBow Floor Lamp
101 CPH
Bow Floor Lamp Sale price£673.00 GBP
Bow Wall LampBow Wall Lamp
101 CPH
Bow Wall Lamp Sale priceFrom £262.00 GBP
W Candle HolderW Candle Holder
101 CPH
W Candle Holder Sale price£96.00 GBP
Bloom Tray - MiniBloom Tray - Mini
101 CPH
Bloom Tray - Mini Sale price£35.00 GBP
Bloom Tray - LargeBloom Tray - Large
101 CPH
Bloom Tray - Large Sale price£183.00 GBP
Tribu BenchTribu Bench
101 CPH
Tribu Bench Sale price£1,303.00 GBP
Tribu StoolTribu Stool
101 CPH
Tribu Stool Sale price£524.00 GBP
Stick Wall LampStick Wall Lamp
101 CPH
Stick Wall Lamp Sale price£174.00 GBP
Stick Table LampStick Table Lamp
101 CPH
Stick Table Lamp Sale price£174.00 GBP
Ghost ChandelierGhost Chandelier
101 CPH
Ghost Chandelier Sale priceFrom £953.00 GBP
Le Deux Table LampLe Deux Table Lamp
101 CPH
Le Deux Table Lamp Sale price£192.00 GBP
Big Foot Stool - SheepskinBig Foot Stool - Sheepskin
101 CPH
Big Foot Stool - Sheepskin Sale price£673.00 GBP
Big Foot Stool - LinenBig Foot Stool - Linen
101 CPH
Big Foot Stool - Linen Sale price£340.00 GBP
Brutus Dining ChairBrutus Dining Chair
101 CPH
Brutus Dining Chair Sale price£769.00 GBP
Curve PendantCurve Pendant
101 CPH
Curve Pendant Sale price£340.00 GBP
Big Foot Coffee TableBig Foot Coffee Table
101 CPH
Big Foot Coffee Table Sale price£1,652.00 GBP
Totem Floor LampTotem Floor Lamp
101 CPH
Totem Floor Lamp Sale price£725.00 GBP
The Moon Floor LampThe Moon Floor Lamp
101 CPH
The Moon Floor Lamp Sale price£1,310.00 GBP
Stingray Table LampStingray Table Lamp
101 CPH
Stingray Table Lamp Sale price£437.00 GBP
Stingray Floor LampStingray Floor Lamp
101 CPH
Stingray Floor Lamp Sale price£699.00 GBP
Oka Tray | CoffeeOka Tray | Coffee
101 CPH
Oka Tray | Coffee Sale price£96.00 GBP
Oka TrayOka Tray
101 CPH
Oka Tray Sale price£174.00 GBP
Organic shapes, refined textures, and timeless design.

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