Sera Helsinki

Sera Helsinki creates functional and timeless products that serve as tools for creating a more inclusive future.

A Better Future with Inclusive Design

SERA HELSINKI is a brand that blends Scandinavian design with Ethiopian craftsmanship heritage to create sustainable and desirable products for a better future. Their designers create functional and timeless products that serve as a tool for creating a more inclusive future. Their collections include knotted and woven rugs made using different techniques, resulting in unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.


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E-1027 RugE-1027 Rug
Sera Helsinki
E-1027 Rug Sale priceFrom £301.00 GBP
Palsta RugPalsta Rug
Sera Helsinki
Palsta Rug Sale priceFrom £222.00 GBP
Valli RugValli Rug
Sera Helsinki
Valli Rug Sale price£1,585.00 GBP
Hanki Rug IIHanki Rug II
Sera Helsinki
Hanki Rug II Sale priceFrom £327.00 GBP
Abeba RugAbeba Rug
Sera Helsinki
Abeba Rug Sale priceFrom £301.00 GBP
Virta RugVirta Rug
Sera Helsinki
Virta Rug Sale priceFrom £505.00 GBP
Vuoristo RugVuoristo Rug
Sera Helsinki
Vuoristo Rug Sale priceFrom £301.00 GBP
Nurja RugNurja Rug
Sera Helsinki
Nurja Rug Sale priceFrom £310.00 GBP
Laine RugLaine Rug
Sera Helsinki
Laine Rug Sale priceFrom £310.00 GBP
Usva TowelUsva Towel
Sera Helsinki
Usva Towel Sale priceFrom £26.00 GBP
Ukkonen TowelUkkonen Towel
Sera Helsinki
Ukkonen Towel Sale priceFrom £26.00 GBP
Tihku TowelTihku Towel
Sera Helsinki
Tihku Towel Sale priceFrom £26.00 GBP
Savu TowelSavu Towel
Sera Helsinki
Savu Towel Sale priceFrom £26.00 GBP
Sade Towel
Sera Helsinki
Sade Towel Sale priceFrom £26.00 GBP
Riite TowelRiite Towel
Sera Helsinki
Riite Towel Sale priceFrom £26.00 GBP
Pisara TowelPisara Towel
Sera Helsinki
Pisara Towel Sale priceFrom £26.00 GBP
Retki RugRetki Rug - THAT COOL LIVING
Sera Helsinki
Retki Rug Sale priceFrom £341.00 GBP
Luoto RugLuoto Rug
Sera Helsinki
Luoto Rug Sale price£1,585.00 GBP
Kuura RugKuura Rug - THAT COOL LIVING
Sera Helsinki
Kuura Rug Sale priceFrom £186.00 GBP
Kide RugKide Rug
Sera Helsinki
Kide Rug Sale priceFrom £186.00 GBP
Kaarna RugKaarna Rug
Sera Helsinki
Kaarna Rug Sale priceFrom £186.00 GBP
Hanki RugHanki Rug
Sera Helsinki
Hanki Rug Sale priceFrom £186.00 GBP
Scandinavian Design Meets Ethiopian Craftsmanship.


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