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Made from high-quality materials that can withstand the elements, choose tables built to last and provide both form and function. Whether you're hosting a backyard dinner party or just relaxing with a good book, our Outdoor Tables are the perfect addition to your outdoor oasis.


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GBmodular Dining TableGBmodular Dining Table
Gandia Blasco
GBmodular Dining Table Sale priceFrom 4,390.00 EUR
Capa Coffee TableCapa Coffee Table
Gandia Blasco
Capa Coffee Table Sale price1,190.00 EUR
Blau Bar TableBlau Bar Table
Gandia Blasco
Blau Bar Table Sale price1,790.00 EUR
Blau Coffee Table 90Blau Coffee Table 90
Gandia Blasco
Blau Coffee Table 90 Sale price1,590.00 EUR
Blau Coffee Table 40Blau Coffee Table 40
Blau Side TableBlau Side Table
Gandia Blasco
Blau Side Table Sale price890.00 EUR
DNA Teak Side TableDNA Teak Side Table
Onsen Coffee Table 153Onsen Coffee Table 153
Gandia Blasco
Onsen Coffee Table 153 Sale priceFrom 2,890.00 EUR
Onsen Coffee Table 76Onsen Coffee Table 76
Gandia Blasco
Onsen Coffee Table 76 Sale priceFrom 1,990.00 EUR
Onde Square Coffee TableOnde Square Coffee Table
Gandia Blasco
Onde Square Coffee Table Sale priceFrom 1,690.00 EUR
Onde Round Coffee Table Ø90Onde Round Coffee Table Ø90
Onde Round Coffee Table Ø60Onde Round Coffee Table Ø60
Tanso Rectangular TableTanso Rectangular Table
Tanso Rectangular Table Sale priceFrom 2,690.00 EUR
Tanso Round TableTanso Round Table
Tanso Round Table Sale price2,390.00 EUR
Eos Café TableEos Café Table
Eos Café Table Sale price549.00 EUR
Eos Round TableEos Round Table
Eos Round Table Sale price1,190.00 EUR
Eos Square TableEos Square Table
Eos Square Table Sale price599.00 EUR
Teak Dining Table 180 - THAT COOL LIVINGTeak Dining Table 180 - THAT COOL LIVING
Outdoor Dining Table 180 Sale price1,999.00 EUR
Teak Coffee Table - Large - THAT COOL LIVINGOutdoor Coffee Table 150
Outdoor Coffee Table 150 Sale price1,299.00 EUR
Teak Coffee Table - Small - THAT COOL LIVINGOutdoor Coffee Table 90
Outdoor Coffee Table 90 Sale price699.00 EUR
Bring your outdoor living space to life.

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