A home reflects your personality, so make it uniquely yours with our collection of decoration items. From vibrant wall art to elegant vases, we have everything you need to create a space that inspires and delights you.


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Estelle Graf
Kompromiss Sale price59.00 EUR
Condolences 02Condolences 02
Babylon BuketBabylon Buket
Hanna Peterson
Babylon Buket Sale priceFrom 59.00 EUR
Anna Johansson
Statera Sale priceFrom 59.00 EUR
Boots and BluesBoots and Blues
Hanna Peterson
Boots and Blues Sale priceFrom 59.00 EUR
Spotted PantherSpotted Panther
Enikő Katalin Eged
Spotted Panther Sale priceFrom 59.00 EUR
To LifeTo Life
Ruby Hughes
To Life Sale priceFrom 59.00 EUR
Making TimeMaking Time
Hanna Peterson
Making Time Sale priceFrom 59.00 EUR
Cleo MirrorCleo Mirror
Cleo Mirror Sale priceFrom 1,090.00 EUR
Kyoto Vase - MediumKyoto Vase - Medium
Hein Studio
Kyoto Vase - Medium Sale price109.00 EUR
Kyoto Vase - SmallKyoto Vase - Small
Hein Studio
Kyoto Vase - Small Sale price69.00 EUR
Kazumi VaseKazumi Vase
Hein Studio
Kazumi Vase Sale price429.00 EUR
Ikebana VaseIkebana Vase
Hein Studio
Ikebana Vase Sale price319.00 EUR
Balancing ActBalancing Act
Ellie Evelyn Orrell
Balancing Act Sale priceFrom 59.00 EUR
Zig Zag CushionZig Zag Cushion
Christina Lundsteen
Zig Zag Cushion Sale price149.00 EUR
Brie CushionBrie Cushion
Christina Lundsteen
Brie Cushion Sale price199.00 EUR
Jade CushionJade Cushion
Christina Lundsteen
Jade Cushion Sale price199.00 EUR
Fleur CushionFleur Cushion
Christina Lundsteen
Fleur Cushion Sale price199.00 EUR
Lillian CushionLillian Cushion
Christina Lundsteen
Lillian Cushion Sale price199.00 EUR
Cora CushionCora Cushion
Christina Lundsteen
Cora Cushion Sale price199.00 EUR
Athena CushionAthena Cushion
Christina Lundsteen
Athena Cushion Sale price199.00 EUR
Something to KeepSomething to Keep
Emma Lawrenson
Something to Keep Sale priceFrom 89.00 EUR
Calico CrabCalico Crab
Enikő Katalin Eged
Calico Crab Sale priceFrom 89.00 EUR
Hailey CushionHailey Cushion
Christina Lundsteen
Hailey Cushion Sale price189.00 EUR
Josefine CushionJosefine Cushion
Christina Lundsteen
Josefine Cushion Sale price189.00 EUR
Tallulah Cushion
Harlow Cushion Cushion Christina LundsteenHarlow Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
Hazel Cushion Cushion Christina LundsteenHazel Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
Nellie Cushion Cushion Christina LundsteenNellie Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
Sold out
Mimi Cushion Cushion Christina LundsteenMimi Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
Augusta Cushion Cushion Christina LundsteenAugusta Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
Dakota Cushion Cushion Christina LundsteenDakota Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
Holly Cushion - Blush - THAT COOL LIVINGHolly Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
Holly Cushion Cushion Christina LundsteenHolly Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
Sadie Cushion Cushion Christina LundsteenSadie Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
Isabel Cushion Cushion Christina LundsteenIsabel Cushion Cushion Christina Lundsteen
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