Where sculptural design transcends function.

Sculpting Timeless Elegance from Modern Design

Maha Alavi's creations are characterized by their seamless joinery and intuitive forms, bringing an immediate and gentle visual fluidity to any space. Each piece is hand-formed and meticulously finished to emanate an aura of softness and warmth, encapsulating the true essence of luxury.


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Lithic Dining ChairLithic Dining Chair
Maha Alavi
Lithic Dining Chair Sale price5,790.00 EUR
Lithic Lounge ChairLithic Lounge Chair
Maha Alavi
Lithic Lounge Chair Sale price6,390.00 EUR
Tube BookendsTube Bookends
Maha Alavi
Tube Bookends Sale price759.00 EUR
Frooot BowlFrooot Bowl
Maha Alavi
Frooot Bowl Sale price1,190.00 EUR
Cercle Knob - Set of 2Cercle Knob - Set of 2
Maha Alavi
Cercle Knob - Set of 2 Sale priceFrom 79.00 EUR
Anjou CandleholderAnjou Candleholder
Maha Alavi
Anjou Candleholder Sale price209.00 EUR
Cercle Pull Thin - Set of 2Cercle Pull Thin - Set of 2
Maha Alavi
Cercle Pull Thin - Set of 2 Sale priceFrom 109.00 EUR
Cercle Knob Half - Set of 2Cercle Knob Half - Set of 2
Maha Alavi
Cercle Knob Half - Set of 2 Sale price79.00 EUR
Cercle Pull Thick - Set of 2Cercle Pull Thick - Set of 2
Oval Knob/Hook - Set of 2Oval Knob/Hook - Set of 2
Maha Alavi
Oval Knob/Hook - Set of 2 Sale price179.00 EUR
Organic shapes, refined textures, and timeless design.

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