A utilitarian testament to form and functionality, doubling as a sculpture that honors creative individualism.

The Classic piece

Stoff Nagel's design touches the Scandinavian minimalism and the stackable approach allows you to combine and create individual sculptures by an infinite of modules. The iconic design is considered a work of art – a personal statement with artistic freedom ready to assume the shape of its owner’s unique creativity.


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Taper Candles - Off-WhiteTaper Candles - Off-White
Taper Candles - Off-White Sale price180,00 NOK
Candle Holder - ChromeCandle Holder - Chrome
Candle Holder - Chrome Sale priceFrom 588,00 NOK
Taper Candles - Dusty GreenTaper Candles - Dusty Green
Sold out
Taper Candles - SandTaper Candles - Sand
Taper Candles - Sand Sale price180,00 NOK
On sale
Candle Holder - BlackCandle Holder - Black
Candle Holder - Black Sale priceFrom 468,00 NOK Regular price588,00 NOK
Candle Holder Bowl - ChromeCandle Holder Bowl - Chrome
Candle Holder Bowl - Chrome Sale price1.308,00 NOK
Taper Candles - Light LavenderTaper Candles - Light Lavender
Taper Candles - TaupeTaper Candles - Taupe
Taper Candles - Taupe Sale price180,00 NOK
Candle Holder Stand - ChromeCandle Holder Stand - Chrome
Candle Holder Stand - Chrome Sale price1.788,00 NOK
Candle Holder - Bronzed BrassCandle Holder - Bronzed Brass
Candle Holder - Bronzed Brass Sale priceFrom 828,00 NOK
Candle Holder Bowl - Solid BrassCandle Holder Bowl - Solid Brass
Candle Holder Bowl - BlackCandle Holder Bowl - Black
Candle Holder Bowl - Black Sale price1.308,00 NOK
Candle Holder Stand - BlackCandle Holder Stand - Black
Candle Holder Stand - Black Sale price1.788,00 NOK
Candle Holder Stand - Solid BrassCandle Holder Stand - Solid Brass
Candle Holder - Solid BrassCandle Holder - Solid Brass
Candle Holder - Solid Brass Sale priceFrom 828,00 NOK
Creative individualism.


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