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Twister VaseTwister Vase
Twister Vase Sale priceFrom 1.173,00 NOK
Ostrea 25 VaseOstrea 25 Vase
Hein Studio
Ostrea 25 Vase Sale price4.727,00 NOK
Flat VaseFlat Vase
Project 213A
Flat Vase Sale price2.476,00 NOK
Mime VaseMime Vase
Broste CPH
Mime Vase Sale price2.713,00 NOK
Reflection VaseReflection Vase
Hein Studio
Reflection Vase Sale price3.543,00 NOK
Holiday Vase - BlackHoliday Vase - Black
Project 213A
Holiday Vase - Black Sale price3.424,00 NOK
Holiday Vase - WhiteHoliday Vase - White
Project 213A
Holiday Vase - White Sale price3.424,00 NOK
Canyon Vase Mini - ClearCanyon Vase Mini - Clear
Save 10%
Canyon Vase Mini - New SmokeCanyon Vase Mini - New Smoke
Hein Studio
Canyon Vase Mini - New Smoke Sale price1.055,00 NOK Regular price1.173,00 NOK
Canyon Vase Large - New SmokeCanyon Vase Large - New Smoke
Canyon Vase Large - GreenCanyon Vase Large - Green
Canyon Vase Large - ClearCanyon Vase Large - Clear
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - ClearOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Clear
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - Pale RoseOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Pale Rose
Save 9%
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - SmokeOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Smoke
Hein Studio
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - Smoke Sale price2.358,00 NOK Regular price2.595,00 NOK
Isolated n.19 VaseIsolated n.19 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated n.19 Vase Sale price5.912,00 NOK
Isolated n.11 VaseIsolated n.11 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated n.11 Vase Sale price7.097,00 NOK
Isolated n.14 VaseIsolated n.14 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated n.14 Vase Sale price16.467,00 NOK
Rock Vase IIRock Vase II
Tall Spikes VaseTall Spikes Vase
Spikes Vase IVSpikes Vase IV
Spikes Vase IIISpikes Vase III
Spikes VaseSpikes Vase
Save 25%
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | BlueAugie Tealight Holder/Vase | Blue
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | Blue Sale price699,00 NOK Regular price936,00 NOK
Save 25%
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | YellowAugie Tealight Holder/Vase | Yellow
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | Yellow Sale price699,00 NOK Regular price936,00 NOK
Mamasita JugMamasita Jug
Project 213A
Mamasita Jug Sale price2.239,00 NOK
Save 34%
Leo Vase - FrostedLeo Vase - Frosted
Leo Vase - Frosted Sale price463,00 NOK Regular price699,00 NOK
Mini Sailor VaseMini Sailor Vase
Project 213A
Mini Sailor Vase Sale price1.173,00 NOK
Sailor VaseSailor Vase
Project 213A
Sailor Vase Sale price2.950,00 NOK
Mini Maria VesselMini Maria Vessel
Project 213A
Mini Maria Vessel Sale price1.884,00 NOK
Gemini VaseGemini Vase
Project 213A
Gemini Vase Sale price2.239,00 NOK
Maria VesselMaria Vessel
Project 213A
Maria Vessel Sale price3.661,00 NOK
Alfonso VaseAlfonso Vase
Project 213A
Alfonso Vase Sale price3.424,00 NOK
Psychter VasePsychter Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Canoa Lab
Psychter Vase Sale price2.713,00 NOK
Calpido VaseCalpido Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Canoa Lab
Calpido Vase Sale price2.713,00 NOK
Stamnos VaseStamnos Vase
Canoa Lab
Stamnos Vase Sale price2.713,00 NOK