Floor Lamps

Good reading lights are essential for a cozy atmosphere. A floor lamp can be used as general lighting in a smaller room and is excellent for reading. With the right floor lamp, you get an extra dose of light where you really need it, and you'll have no more excuses not to read a few extra pages at night!


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Array Opal FloorArray Opal Floor
Array Opal Floor Sale price41.536,00 kr
Tension Floor LampTension Floor Lamp
Tension Floor Lamp Sale price8.684,00 kr
Pendulum Floor LampPendulum Floor Lamp
Pendulum Floor Lamp Sale price68.470,00 kr
Artes Floor Lamp | BrassArtes Floor Lamp | Brass
Artes Floor Lamp | Brass Sale price57.841,00 kr
Artes Floor Lamp | BronzeArtes Floor Lamp | Bronze
Artes Floor Lamp | Bronze Sale price57.841,00 kr
Heron Floor Lamp | BronzeHeron Floor Lamp | Bronze
Heron Floor Lamp | Bronze Sale priceFrom 35.497,00 kr
Heron Floor Lamp | BrassHeron Floor Lamp | Brass
Heron Floor Lamp | Brass Sale priceFrom 35.497,00 kr
Pearl Floor Lamp | BrassPearl Floor Lamp | Brass
Pearl Floor Lamp | Brass Sale price10.858,00 kr
The Moon Floor LampThe Moon Floor Lamp
The Moon Floor Lamp Sale price18.105,00 kr
Dawn Floor LampDawn Floor Lamp
Dawn Floor Lamp Sale price10.858,00 kr
AD Floor LampAD Floor Lamp
AD Floor Lamp Sale price7.960,00 kr
Bull Floor LampBull Floor Lamp
Bull Floor Lamp Sale price9.651,00 kr
Stingray Floor Lamp | BronzeStingray Floor Lamp | Bronze
Stingray Floor Lamp | Bronze Sale price9.651,00 kr
Totem Floor LampTotem Floor Lamp
Totem Floor Lamp Sale price10.013,00 kr
Line One Floor LampLine One Floor Lamp
Line One Floor Lamp Sale price12.066,00 kr
Yoyo Floor LampYoyo Floor Lamp
Yoyo Floor Lamp Sale price16.789,00 kr
Cone Floor LampCone Floor Lamp
Cone Floor Lamp Sale price18.709,00 kr
Sofisticato nr.15 Floor LampSofisticato nr.15 Floor Lamp
Sofisticato nr.15 Floor Lamp Sale price6.631,00 kr
Hoop Floor LampHoop Floor Lamp
Hoop Floor Lamp Sale price7.235,00 kr
Inchino Lamp Sale price10.858,00 kr
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