Here you can find a curated collection of sustainable rugs from expert artisans and get the perfect one for your home. Create a pleasant living area with a sofa, coffee table, and a textured rug, or please your feet by placing a soft rug next to your bed. 


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Nurja RugNurja Rug
Sera Helsinki
Nurja Rug Sale priceFrom 4.190,00 NOK
Giro RugGiro Rug
GAN Rugs
Giro Rug Sale price58.529,00 NOK
Valli RugValli Rug
Sera Helsinki
Valli Rug Sale price21.425,00 NOK
Laine RugLaine Rug
Sera Helsinki
Laine Rug Sale priceFrom 4.190,00 NOK
Savu RugSavu Rug
Savu Rug Sale priceFrom 1.066,00 NOK
Sunset RugSunset Rug
GAN Rugs
Sunset Rug Sale priceFrom 12.448,00 NOK
Vuoristo RugVuoristo Rug
Sera Helsinki
Vuoristo Rug Sale priceFrom 4.070,00 NOK
Indus RugIndus Rug
GAN Rugs
Indus Rug Sale price41.772,00 NOK
Mukula RugMukula Rug
Mukula Rug Sale priceFrom 5.255,00 NOK
Ruutu RugRuutu Rug
Ruutu Rug Sale priceFrom 7.649,00 NOK
Virta RugVirta Rug
Sera Helsinki
Virta Rug Sale priceFrom 6.823,00 NOK
Kiri RugKiri Rug
GAN Rugs
Kiri Rug Sale priceFrom 31.000,00 NOK
Chaos Rug - BrownChaos Rug - Brown
Chaos Rug - Brown Sale priceFrom 50.258,00 NOK
Mangas Original Caramelo Rug - MiniMangas Original Caramelo Rug - Mini
Roots 04 RugRoots 04 Rug
GAN Rugs
Roots 04 Rug Sale priceFrom 5.865,00 NOK
Ply Rug - YellowPly Rug - Yellow
GAN Rugs
Ply Rug - Yellow Sale priceFrom 7.182,00 NOK
Trio Mix RugTrio Mix Rug
GAN Rugs
Trio Mix Rug Sale price21.425,00 NOK
Tsuchi RugTsuchi Rug
GAN Rugs
Tsuchi Rug Sale priceFrom 21.425,00 NOK
Luoto RugLuoto Rug
Sera Helsinki
Luoto Rug Sale price21.425,00 NOK
Mangas Original Campana Rug - MiniMangas Original Campana Rug - Mini
Mangas Original Farol RugMangas Original Farol Rug
GAN Rugs
Mangas Original Farol Rug Sale price38.182,00 NOK
Mangas Original Rectangular RugMangas Original Rectangular Rug
GAN Rugs
Mangas Original Rectangular Rug Sale priceFrom 11.850,00 NOK
Chimos RugChimos Rug
GAN Rugs
Chimos Rug Sale priceFrom 6.583,00 NOK
Giro Runner RugGiro Runner Rug
GAN Rugs
Giro Runner Rug Sale price25.016,00 NOK
Mangas Original Largas RugMangas Original Largas Rug
GAN Rugs
Mangas Original Largas Rug Sale price28.606,00 NOK
Citrus Outdoor RugCitrus Outdoor Rug
GAN Rugs
Citrus Outdoor Rug Sale price29.803,00 NOK
Round Mirage RugRound Mirage Rug
GAN Rugs
Round Mirage Rug Sale price65.710,00 NOK
Mangas Original Campana RugMangas Original Campana Rug
GAN Rugs
Mangas Original Campana Rug Sale price47.757,00 NOK
Mangas Outdoor Rug - MulticolorMangas Outdoor Rug - Multicolor
GAN Rugs
Mangas Outdoor Rug - Multicolor Sale priceFrom 6.823,00 NOK
Mangas Outdoor RugMangas Outdoor Rug
GAN Rugs
Mangas Outdoor Rug Sale priceFrom 6.823,00 NOK
Metina RugMetina Rug
Metina Rug Sale price8.367,00 NOK
Mirage RugMirage Rug
GAN Rugs
Mirage Rug Sale priceFrom 13.765,00 NOK
Kivi RugKivi Rug
Kivi Rug Sale price2.741,00 NOK
Sammal RugSammal Rug
Sammal Rug Sale priceFrom 1.664,00 NOK
Outline Rug - RoundOutline Rug - Round
Pols Potten
Outline Rug - Round Sale price7.290,00 NOK
Mangas Original Globo RugMangas Original Globo Rug
GAN Rugs
Mangas Original Globo Rug Sale price40.575,00 NOK
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