• Isolated n.14 Vase
  • Isolated n.14 Vase

Isolated n.14 Vase

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"Isolated n.14" vase by Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz. Built by hand, each piece is one of a kind.


Materials: Glazed stoneware + brass

Dimensions: Ø 22 cm, height 43 cm

Uses and maintenance: Not waterproof because the interior is not enameled. A vase that can hold dried flowers or simply serve as a decoration. Clean with a damp cloth or small brush.

The pieces are hand-built white stoneware with grog, and brushed with experimental glazes mix and textured surface, resulting in slight variations with each piece.

Canoa Lab

  • Made in Spain
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About the maker

Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz craft pottery and jewelry that seek to preserve ancient techniques and aesthetics. Their work is defined by a deep respect for materials, metal and clay being the primary raw materials with which they work. Both of these elements have been used since the beginning of humanity to not only make tools and supplies but also for creating objects to contemplate and connect with our bodies and environment. Pottery and jewelry have worked together in each society’s development, mutating and showing the interests, needs, and concerns of a given era.

Raquel and Pedro believe these ancient arts also help us understand our ancestors, get closer to them, and experience how they felt materials and shapes. The material connections between metal and clay are also of interest. Both materials have long and slow production processes and an intimate connection with fire, a somewhat rebel and magic element, that humanity has always craved to control.

This belief that materials and the processes applied to them can transform the artist into a restorer of old sensibilities is foundational for Raquel and Pedro. Every piece is crafted slowly and methodically, there is no rushing in the process, and with a respect for the natural world's own "will" to produce its own results.