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Twister VaseTwister Vase
Twister Vase Sale priceFrom $163.00 CAD
Ostrea 25 VaseOstrea 25 Vase
Hein Studio
Ostrea 25 Vase Sale price$705.00 CAD
Flat VaseFlat Vase
Project 213A
Flat Vase Sale price$344.00 CAD
Mime VaseMime Vase
Broste CPH
Mime Vase Sale price$377.00 CAD
Reflection VaseReflection Vase
Hein Studio
Reflection Vase Sale price$492.00 CAD
Holiday Vase - BlackHoliday Vase - Black
Project 213A
Holiday Vase - Black Sale price$475.00 CAD
Holiday Vase - WhiteHoliday Vase - White
Project 213A
Holiday Vase - White Sale price$475.00 CAD
Canyon Vase Mini - ClearCanyon Vase Mini - Clear
Save 10%
Canyon Vase Mini - New SmokeCanyon Vase Mini - New Smoke
Hein Studio
Canyon Vase Mini - New Smoke Sale price$147.00 CAD Regular price$163.00 CAD
Canyon Vase Large - New SmokeCanyon Vase Large - New Smoke
Canyon Vase Large - GreenCanyon Vase Large - Green
Canyon Vase Large - ClearCanyon Vase Large - Clear
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - ClearOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Clear
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - Pale RoseOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Pale Rose
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - SmokeOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Smoke
Isolated n.19 VaseIsolated n.19 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated n.19 Vase Sale price$820.00 CAD
Isolated n.11 VaseIsolated n.11 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated n.11 Vase Sale price$985.00 CAD
Isolated n.14 VaseIsolated n.14 Vase
Canoa Lab
Isolated n.14 Vase Sale price$2,284.00 CAD
Rock Vase IIRock Vase II
Tall Spikes VaseTall Spikes Vase
Spikes Vase IVSpikes Vase IV
Spikes Vase IIISpikes Vase III
Spikes VaseSpikes Vase
Save 25%
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | BlueAugie Tealight Holder/Vase | Blue
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | Blue Sale price$97.00 CAD Regular price$130.00 CAD
Save 25%
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | YellowAugie Tealight Holder/Vase | Yellow
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | Yellow Sale price$97.00 CAD Regular price$130.00 CAD
Mamasita JugMamasita Jug
Project 213A
Mamasita Jug Sale price$311.00 CAD
Save 33%
Leo Vase - FrostedLeo Vase - Frosted
Leo Vase - Frosted Sale price$65.00 CAD Regular price$97.00 CAD
Mini Sailor VaseMini Sailor Vase
Project 213A
Mini Sailor Vase Sale price$163.00 CAD
Sailor VaseSailor Vase
Project 213A
Sailor Vase Sale price$410.00 CAD
Mini Maria VesselMini Maria Vessel
Project 213A
Mini Maria Vessel Sale price$262.00 CAD
Gemini VaseGemini Vase
Project 213A
Gemini Vase Sale price$311.00 CAD
Maria VesselMaria Vessel
Project 213A
Maria Vessel Sale price$508.00 CAD
Alfonso VaseAlfonso Vase
Project 213A
Alfonso Vase Sale price$475.00 CAD
Psychter VasePsychter Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Canoa Lab
Psychter Vase Sale price$377.00 CAD
Calpido VaseCalpido Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Canoa Lab
Calpido Vase Sale price$377.00 CAD
Stamnos VaseStamnos Vase
Canoa Lab
Stamnos Vase Sale price$377.00 CAD