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From subtle accents that exude warmth and coziness to adjustable work lights and vibrant illuminators, our table lamps cater to every need and style. Explore our exquisite collection and discover the ideal table lamp to elevate your space and enhance your daily experiences.


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Magic Table LampMagic Table Lamp
Magic Table Lamp Sale price$273.00
Crea Table LampCrea Table Lamp
Crea Table Lamp Sale price$321.00
Camp Table LampCamp Table Lamp
Camp Table Lamp Sale price$209.00
Ateliers Table LampAteliers Table Lamp
Ateliers Table Lamp Sale price$225.00
Aki Table LampAki Table Lamp
Aki Table Lamp Sale price$321.00
Pura Lamp, Marble - BlackPura Lamp, Marble - Black
Pura Lamp, Marble - Black Sale price$999.00
Pipo Lamp, Marble - WhitePipo Lamp, Marble - White
Pipo Lamp, Marble - White Sale price$1,144.00
Fluta Lamp, Marble - WhiteFluta Lamp, Marble - White
Fluta Lamp, Marble - White Sale price$1,402.00
Fluta Lamp, Marble - GreenFluta Lamp, Marble - Green
Fluta Lamp, Marble - Green Sale price$1,402.00
Tension Table LampTension Table Lamp
Tension Table Lamp Sale price$418.00
Mushroom Table Lamp - BlueMushroom Table Lamp - Blue
Mushroom Table Lamp - Blue Sale price$321.00
Mushroom Table Lamp | RustMushroom Table Lamp | Rust
Mushroom Table Lamp | Rust Sale price$321.00
Mushroom Table Lamp | SandMushroom Table Lamp | Sand
Mushroom Table Lamp | Sand Sale price$321.00
Le Six Table LampLe Six Table Lamp
Le Six Table Lamp Sale price$612.00
Clara 01 Table LampClara 01 Table Lamp
Clara 01 Table Lamp Sale price$354.00
Clara 02 Table LampClara 02 Table Lamp
Clara 02 Table Lamp Sale price$386.00
Clara 03 Table LampClara 03 Table Lamp
Clara 03 Table Lamp Sale price$467.00
Paulina 04 Table LampPaulina 04 Table Lamp
Paulina 04 Table Lamp Sale price$660.00
Paulina 05 Table LampPaulina 05 Table Lamp
Paulina 05 Table Lamp Sale price$741.00
Mushroom Table Lamp | NickelMushroom Table Lamp | Nickel
Mushroom Table Lamp | BlackMushroom Table Lamp | Black
Mushroom Table Lamp | Black Sale price$354.00
Braque Table Lamp | Antique BronzeBraque Table Lamp | Antique Bronze
Braque Table Lamp | BronzeBraque Table Lamp | Bronze
Braque Table Lamp | Bronze Sale price$4,144.00
Ring Table Lamp - BronzeRing Table Lamp - Bronze
Ring Table Lamp - Bronze Sale price$2,547.00
Ring Table Lamp - BrassRing Table Lamp - Brass
Ring Table Lamp - Brass Sale price$2,547.00
Atlas Lamp, Marble - BlackAtlas Lamp, Marble - Black
Atlas Lamp, Marble - Black Sale price$1,322.00
Atlas Lamp, Marble - GreenAtlas Lamp, Marble - Green
Atlas Lamp, Marble - Green Sale price$1,322.00
Atlas Lamp, Alabaster - WhiteAtlas Lamp, Alabaster - White
Atlas Lamp, Alabaster - White Sale price$1,241.00
Atlas Lamp, Alabaster - TobaccoAtlas Lamp, Alabaster - Tobacco
Atlas Lamp, Wood - WalnutAtlas Lamp, Wood - Walnut
Atlas Lamp, Wood - Walnut Sale price$1,080.00
Atlas Lamp, Wood - OakAtlas Lamp, Wood - Oak
Atlas Lamp, Wood - Oak Sale price$1,322.00
Meconopsis Onyx Table LampMeconopsis Onyx Table Lamp
Meconopsis Onyx Table Lamp Sale price$805.00
Pivot Table Lamp | BronzePivot Table Lamp | Bronze
Pivot Table Lamp | Bronze Sale price$321.00
Dusk Table LampDusk Table Lamp
Dusk Table Lamp Sale price$644.00
Brutalist Concrete LampBrutalist Concrete Lamp
Brutalist Concrete Lamp Sale price$434.00
Bull Table LampBull Table Lamp
Bull Table Lamp Sale price$644.00
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