Eos Cushion

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Color: Black
Size: Lounge Chair Cushion


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Made to order (6-8 weeks)


- Extruded aluminium
- Commercial grade powder coat
- Injection moulded nylon floor guides

Product Care

To prolong the life of the product and retain its appearance and functionality, we would like to give you some relevant information and care advice:

Made from aluminium, the Eos outdoor range is durable, light-weight, rustproof and low maintance. Regular periodic care and cleaning is recommended over occasional heavy duty maintenance.

The frame and slats are finished in a hard-wearing powdercoat which can be cleaned using a sponge/soft bristle brush with a cleaning solution of mild liquid soap and lukewarm water. The use of abrasive cleaners should be avoided.

Rinse and dry thoroughly for best finish.

Caution: In seaside use, salt can accumulate on the finish which may lead to surface damage.

In indoor pool areas, chlorides can accumulate on the finish which may lead to surface damage.

In both of these environments, repeated cycles of condensation followed by evaporation will cause build-up of these aggressive corrosives. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water will remove the concentrated deposits and protect the furniture finish per the above instructions.

Although the materials and finished used are selected for their ‘all weather/year-round’ characteristics, we recommend that the product is stored during cold and wet winter months.

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