Create a pleasant living area with a sofa, coffee table and a textured rug or please your feet by placing a soft rug next to your bed. Find curated collections of sustainable rugs from expert artisans and get the perfect one for your home.


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Mavi RugMavi Rug
Mavi Rug Sale price$885.00
Warda RugWarda Rug
Warda Rug Sale price$294.00
Chaos Rug - BlueChaos Rug - Blue
Chaos Rug - Blue Sale priceFrom $6,199.00
E-1027 RugE-1027 Rug
E-1027 Rug Sale priceFrom $1,475.00
Palsta RugPalsta Rug
Palsta Rug Sale priceFrom $1,283.00
Valli RugValli Rug
Valli Rug Sale price$2,643.00
Hanki Rug IIHanki Rug II
Hanki Rug II Sale priceFrom $1,032.00
Abeba RugAbeba Rug
Abeba Rug Sale price$737.00
Virta RugVirta Rug
Virta Rug Sale priceFrom $2,790.00
Vuoristo RugVuoristo Rug
Vuoristo Rug Sale priceFrom $1,462.00
Nurja RugNurja Rug
Nurja Rug Sale priceFrom $1,475.00
Nurja RugNurja Rug
Nurja Rug Sale priceFrom $1,475.00
Nurja RugNurja Rug
Nurja Rug Sale priceFrom $1,475.00
Rustic Chic RugRustic Chic Rug
Rustic Chic Rug Sale priceFrom $1,623.00
Chaddar Rug | CamelChaddar Rug | Camel
Chaddar Rug | Camel Sale priceFrom $3,173.00
Chaddar Rug | WhiteChaddar Rug | White
Chaddar Rug | White Sale priceFrom $3,173.00
Chaddar Rug | GreyChaddar Rug | Grey
Chaddar Rug | Grey Sale priceFrom $3,173.00
Chaddar Rug | CharcoalChaddar Rug | Charcoal
Chaddar Rug | Charcoal Sale priceFrom $3,173.00
Canevas Geo RugCanevas Geo Rug
Canevas Geo Rug Sale price$3,971.00
Reversible Rug | BlackReversible Rug | Black
Reversible Rug | Black Sale priceFrom $1,918.00
Reversible Rug | YellowReversible Rug | Yellow
Reversible Rug | Yellow Sale priceFrom $1,918.00
Reversible Rug | PinkReversible Rug | Pink
Reversible Rug | Pink Sale priceFrom $1,918.00
Niger RugNiger Rug
Niger Rug Sale price$5,136.00
Yangtze RugYangtze Rug
Yangtze Rug Sale price$3,320.00
Indus RugIndus Rug
Indus Rug Sale price$4,900.00
Kiri RugKiri Rug
Kiri Rug Sale priceFrom $3,528.00
Tsuchi RugTsuchi Rug
Tsuchi Rug Sale priceFrom $2,479.00
Ame RugAme Rug
Ame Rug Sale priceFrom $2,495.00
Mono Rosa RugMono Rosa Rug
Mono Rosa Rug Sale price$944.00
Mono Beige RugMono Beige Rug
Mono Beige Rug Sale price$944.00
Mono Blue RugMono Blue Rug
Mono Blue Rug Sale price$944.00
Trio Mix RugTrio Mix Rug
Trio Mix Rug Sale price$2,405.00
Roots 04 RugRoots 04 Rug
Roots 04 Rug Sale priceFrom $619.00
Roots 02 RugRoots 02 Rug
Roots 02 Rug Sale priceFrom $619.00
Roots 001 RugRoots 001 Rug
Roots 001 Rug Sale priceFrom $619.00
Roots 003 RugRoots 003 Rug
Roots 003 Rug Sale priceFrom $619.00
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