Yellow Interstellar

Sale price39.500 Ft

Size: 50 x 70 cm


Art print by Anne Nowak. Printed on 265g high-quality art paper.

“If you squint your eyes and look out at the horizon at dusk, it creates this dreamlike universe.” Born and raised by the ever-changing sea surrounding the Danish island Bornholm, Anne Nowak draws inspiration from the horizon, the universe, and everything in between.

In The Interstellar Collection, she focuses on the contrast between the saturated and the faint. And it is in this movement between saturation and void, between contrasts, that the beauty of Anne Nowak’s art emerges.

Fits standard frames. The frame is not included.

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Made to order (2-4 weeks)


Printed on 265g high-quality art paper


Printed in Denmark

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