Lucent Laptop Table

Sale price384.400 Ft

Color: Clear

Made to order (6-12 weeks)

The Lucent Laptop Table showcases how Matthew Hilton applies his signature sculptural style to this design, creating a unique and contemporary piece of furniture for modern-focused homes. The compact size and practicality of this table make it an ideal choice for rooms where space is a commodity.

The precise joining of the glass panels at right angles gives this Lucent Small Side Table a unique, prominent, and warm effect as the translucent panels overlay darken the shades. The top and base panels feature a curved edge made from tempered glass, providing extra sturdiness to deal with the demands of busy, family life.

Designed with storage capability in mind, the right angles of the Lucent Small Side Table create a detailed division inside, which can be used to store objects, books, and magazines for modern home living. Using a classic material, such as tempered glass, makes these charming, yet delicate tables, ideal for the home or within hotels and bars.


  • Toughened glass


  • H605x W350 x D500 mm

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