• Zeus Coffee Table | Walnut
  • Zeus Coffee Table | Walnut
  • Zeus Coffee Table | Walnut


Zeus Coffee Table | Walnut

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Zeus is the perfect coffee table for design lovers. With its mighty lines and impossibly perfected surfaces, Zeus brings a new flavor to your room. With lines powerful enough to transform your living room, Zeus comes in Oak or American Walnut.

  • 1100x800x150mm

About the maker

Porventura is a Portuguese brand at the intersection of national and global design. Born in 2017, it has been reinventing traditional lines ever since. With a touch of whimsical, it challenges people’s notions of routine actions like to sleep, sit, eat or work. Through the use of classic elements - starting with solid wood, but including fabrics, cork, metal, and others; and focusing on ergonomic techniques Porventura balances unexpected concepts, creating pieces that live in harmony with contemporary home life. There’s a deep sense of collaboration at our core; everything you find here comes as a result of partnership between our award-winning designers and the talent, skill, and know-how of seasoned craftspeople.