Sector-1 Bench

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Size: 2-seater



The Sector-1 Bench can be used in multiple settings - as a seating bench at a dining table, as a side table to keep objects on, at the foot of a bed to keep blankets, or as an accent piece.

The Bench with cane lattice seating and characteristic V leg assemblies on either end. Each V leg assembly is comprised of a long and short leg piece. A supporting crossbar runs along the length of the bench between the longer leg pieces. The natural rattan cane is peeled and woven meticulously by hand.


Pierre Jeanneret was a Swiss architect and a cousin to famous designer Le Corbusier. After World War II he was involved in architecture and planning for the New town of Chandigarh in India. The work in India was very collaborative in spirit, and as a result, there was never any formal patent issued. Sector-1 is the location of the Chandigarh Capitol Complex (a government compound designed by the architect Le Corbusier) in Chandigarh, India.


  • Solid Teak, Rattan

Our Benches are handcrafted from solid teak. Rattan is a strong, flexible, and high-quality material lending a unique and timeless appearance to any piece of furniture. The rattan seats of our wooden benches are crafted and woven by hand. This results in a panel with better tension than if done by machine – resulting in higher quality and optimal seating comfort.

Please note, that rattan is a natural material that although tightly stretched might form itself to the user over time. And since rattan strings are all unique rattan panels can never be identical to each other. 

Minor differences in the weave and in the exact colors, hardly visible to the eye and usually negligible, are to be expected when buying a rattan product. That’s simply one of the charms of a natural product and naturally, this has no effect on the comfort of your bench. But it’s good to keep in mind when ordering.


  • 2-seater: H45 x W75 x D40 cm
  • 3-seater: H45 x W115 x D40 cm


  • Do not use abrasive products like acetones, bleaches, solvents, etc.
  • Clean with a damp cloth, and dry immediately.
  • Light and environmental conditions may distort the color perception of the product


  • Maximum load: 125 kg
  • Warranty under normal use 1 year
  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • Available on request for commercial use with reinforcements, please consult us via 

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