• Colorful 1 Berber Rug
  • Colorful 1 Berber Rug
  • Colorful 1 Berber Rug
  • Colorful 1 Berber Rug

Colorful 1 Berber Rug

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Berber carpets are made by the women of the Berber tribes. The main raw material for these carpets is the wool of a very special sheep. A breed characterized by its small size and great robustness. The manufacture of the carpet requires a great deal of know-how transmitted from generation to generation and a lot of patience.

This beautiful handmade rug is a work of art to display in your home. Simple to coordinate and harmonize in a modern or classic interior. It will easily find its place in a living room, an office or a bedroom. This unique piece of art will bring a bohemian touch to your home!


100% wool


The maintenance of a Berber carpet starts with the way it is cleaned. It is necessary to vacuum the carpet regularly and as gently as possible. It is best to use a device with a soft nozzle to avoid damaging it. If there is a stain, baking soda can be used before vacuuming again.

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