• Charcoal Black Bench 4 - THAT COOL LIVING
  • Charcoal Black Bench 4 - THAT COOL LIVING
  • Charcoal Black Bench 4 - THAT COOL LIVING

Bench 4 | Charcoal Black - Preorder

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The Bench 4 provides four seats by itself and adds the tasteful style of the late fifties in Chandigarh. With two different color versions, it is a practical and versatile piece of furniture. Dining, sitting area, bedroom, everything.

Rattan is a strong, flexible, and high-quality material with a unique and timeless appearance. Our rattan products are stretched by hand, which puts more tension on the panel than when done by a machine. These qualitative advantages make the seating comfort optimal.

Something that certainly does not always happen, but can occur, is that the tightly stretched rattan will form itself to the user. In addition, rattan panels are never identical to each other because there are always small differences in the weave and the exact colors. These minimal differences are usually negligible and hardly visible to the naked eye, but they are good to keep in mind if you intend to buy a rattan material product. Of course, neither of these things has a negative influence on the seating comfort, on the contrary. It's just a good-to-know when purchasing a rattan product.