Trade Sale Terms


That Cool Living (“TCL”) Trade membership is granted only to interior designers, architects, developers, set designers, and stagers and members of design firms and members of architecture firms worldwide. Membership is subject to the following terms and conditions, which may change, without notice, from time to time at the sole discretion of That Cool Living. That Cool Living reserves the right to discontinue the That Cool Living Trade program at any time and at That Cool Living's sole discretion.

Terms of Delivery and Timing

Responsibility Transfer: When products are delivered using "That Cool Living" designated courier, the risk passes to the customer upon completion of delivery as per the invoice details.
For deliveries with the customer's selected courier, the responsibility lies with the customer, regardless of whether "That Cool Living" coordinated the shipment. Risk transfer occurs at the point the products are handed to the shipping service.

Delivery Timing: The expected delivery time will be provided in the order confirmation and is to be considered an estimate.

Carriage Charges: A detailed price list for shipping can be acquired from "That Cool Living".

Batch Deliveries: Deliveries can be split into batches and will be invoiced based on the specific batch.

Failure or Refusal of Delivery: If a customer declines or is unable to accept a delivery on the set date, they must bear any costs or losses that "That Cool Living" incurs, which includes storage expenses until the order is accepted under the agreed-upon conditions.

Limitation of Liability: "That Cool Living" will only be accountable up to the invoiced value of the delayed items or batches.

Retention of Ownership: Products will remain the property of "That Cool Living" until the customer completes the payment in full, including any accrued interest and charges. The customer must ensure the products are safeguarded until ownership is officially transferred.

Delivery Inspection: Upon delivery, the customer should examine the parcel for any visible external damage prior to signing any delivery documents. If damages are evident, they should be noted on the delivery document, and photos of the damaged goods should be sent to Any concealed damages discovered must be reported to "That Cool Living" within 2 days to be acknowledged.

Order cancellations and returns: Customers can cancel their orders up to 3 days following the order confirmation. Any cancellations will incur a 5% cancellation fee based on the order value. Returns are not accepted unless the product is received damaged. If you receive a damaged product, please contact our customer service immediately for further assistance.

Contractual Foundation

All order and delivery commitments with That Cool Living will be bound by these terms, unless specifically altered in written agreement. The order of relevance will be That Cool Living's order acknowledgment, these terms of sale & delivery, and the Finnish Sale of Goods Act.


Prices indicated on our website and catalogues are effective for the current season only.

Delivery Details

Origin: Turku, unless otherwise stated. Shipping costs apply based on current rates. Additional charges for island or lift-assisted deliveries may be added. Payments are made in advance or following a pre-agreed credit insurance contract between the client and That Cool Living.

The initial order minimums are as follows: EUR 500.00

Proposals & Confirmation of Order

Quotations from That Cool Living will lapse after fourteen (14) days unless accepted. An official commitment is only formed after an order confirmation by That Cool Living. Clients must promptly review and raise any concerns related to the order confirmation. Errors in the order confirmation will not be the responsibility of That Cool Living.

Pricing and Payment Modalities

All listed prices (on websites or catalogues) exclude VAT, shipping, duties, taxes, and any other fees. That Cool Living holds the right to amend prices on a 3-day notice. Due amounts must be settled as per invoice timelines. Late payments will incur specific penalties.

Delivery Timings and Terms

Risks related to delivery using That Cool Living's shipping services transfer to the client upon delivery. Deliveries using client's shipping agents bear client's risks. Expected delivery dates will be mentioned in the order acknowledgment. Delivery can be split into batches, with back orders managed as per discussions with the client.

Failure to accept a delivery will result in the client bearing additional costs.

Delay Liabilities

For any significant delay beyond thirty (30) working days from an agreed delivery date, clients can set a new, reasonable deadline. Our responsibility for delays will not exceed the invoice value of the delayed items.

Title Retention

Goods remain That Cool Living's property until full payment is received.

Delivery Inspection

Clients should inspect for visible damages during delivery. Any damage must be documented and reported to That Cool Living within 2 days.


A 2-year claim period is offered from product receipt, regardless of its resale. All complaints must be formally communicated.

Liability Limits (Including Unforeseen Circumstances)

That Cool Living is not accountable for indirect losses or any advice given during the purchase process. We're not responsible for unforeseen events impacting deliveries, products, or services.

Product Responsibility

Liability is as per existing regulations. That Cool Living won't be liable for indirect losses.

Product Information

That Cool Living is not responsible for errors in its publications or any misinterpretations thereof.

Jurisdiction & Applicable Law

These terms are governed by Finnish law. All disputes are to be addressed in the court designated in That Cool Living's bylaws as the primary court.