Kubé Side Table

Sale price¥220,200 JPY

Color: Cream

Made to order (20-22 weeks)

 Welcome to the world of the Kubé family, a remarkable suite of minimalist furniture pieces that demonstrate the power of design restraint paired with stylish juxtaposition. We present the Kubé 4 and Kubé 5, smaller yet versatile designs that work perfectly in various settings, from contemporary homes to chic office spaces.

The Kubé 4 and Kubé 5 make a significant impression despite their reduced dimensions. Both designs feature a striking angular base and an inset top that can be used as a tabletop or display surface, creating a perfect balance between form and function. These Kubé designs deliver understated elegance without sacrificing practicality.

The Kubé 4 stands at a comfortable height of 45.5 centimeters, making it an ideal choice for seating or serving as a small table or display area. This compact piece of furniture is available in diverse finishes such as black-on-black, cream-on-cream, or natural oak with dynamic orange edges, providing options that can fit seamlessly into various interior design themes.

The Kubé 5, while sharing the same footprint as the Kubé 4, stretches upwards to a height of 103 centimeters. This makes it an excellent selection for a tall plinth or a stand-alone table, perfect for showcasing décor or storing items within easy reach. It comes in an alluring black-on-black or brown-on-brown finish, exuding a timeless charm that can enhance any space.

These Kubé designs, with their minimalist aesthetic and innovative use of colors, are perfect for anyone seeking versatile furniture pieces that reflect their personal style. They are not just pieces of furniture, but elements that can redefine your space with their simplicity and versatility.

When looking for modern minimalist design, the Kubé 4 and Kubé 5 by the Kubé family offer an unmatched blend of style, versatility, and functionality. Elevate your home or workspace aesthetics while embracing the essence of simplicity and functionality with these stylish pieces.

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