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Passe-Partout Butter KnifePasse-Partout Butter Knife
Passe-Partout Butter Knife Sale price¥1,600
Peeler Sale price¥4,900
Daysign Cutting Board | LargeDaysign Cutting Board | Large
Base Meat KnifeBase Meat Knife
Base Meat Knife Sale price¥9,900
Base Bread KnifeBase Bread Knife
Base Bread Knife Sale price¥9,900
Sold out
Base Santoku KnifeBase Santoku Knife
Base Santoku Knife Sale price¥11,600
Base Chef's KnifeBase Chef's Knife
Base Chef's Knife Sale price¥11,600
Pure Kitchen Utensils Set - THAT COOL LIVINGPure Kitchen Utensils Set
Pure Kitchen Utensils Set Sale price¥16,700
Petal Chopping Board - THAT COOL LIVINGPetal Chopping Board - THAT COOL LIVING
Petal Chopping Board Sale price¥6,600
Orb Pestle and MortarOrb Pestle and Mortar
Orb Pestle and Mortar Sale price¥13,300
Stand Bottle OpenerStand Bottle Opener
Stand Bottle Opener Sale price¥9,900
Pure Roaster - WhitePure Roaster - White
Pure Roaster - White Sale priceFrom ¥30,100
Pure Roaster - BlackPure Roaster - Black
Pure Roaster - Black Sale priceFrom ¥30,100
Base Pot + Lid - CopperBase Pot + Lid - Copper
Base Pot + Lid - Copper Sale priceFrom ¥55,200
Surface Oven Dish - GreenSurface Oven Dish - Green
Surface Oven Dish - Green Sale priceFrom ¥21,700
Surface Oven Dish - BlackSurface Oven Dish - Black
Surface Oven Dish - Black Sale priceFrom ¥21,700
Surface Sauce Pan - GreenSurface Sauce Pan - Green
Surface Sauce Pan - Green Sale priceFrom ¥15,000
Surface Sauce Pan - BlackSurface Sauce Pan - Black
Surface Sauce Pan - Black Sale priceFrom ¥15,000
Surface Casserole - GreenSurface Casserole - Green
Surface Casserole - Green Sale priceFrom ¥30,100
Surface Casserole - BlackSurface Casserole - Black
Surface Casserole - Black Sale priceFrom ¥30,100
Surface Pot - GreenSurface Pot - Green
Surface Pot - Green Sale priceFrom ¥20,000
Surface Pot - BlackSurface Pot - Black
Surface Pot - Black Sale priceFrom ¥20,000
Surface Grill Pan - GreenSurface Grill Pan - Green
Surface Grill Pan - Green Sale price¥25,000
Surface Grill Pan - BlackSurface Grill Pan - Black
Surface Grill Pan - Black Sale price¥25,000
Bottle OpenerBottle Opener
Bottle Opener Sale price¥4,900
Nomade Serving SpoonNomade Serving Spoon
Nomade Serving Spoon Sale price¥6,600
Nomade Serving ForkNomade Serving Fork
Nomade Serving Fork Sale price¥6,600
Nomade Rice Serving SpoonNomade Rice Serving Spoon
Nomade Rice Serving Spoon Sale price¥6,600
Set of Wooden BoardsSet of Wooden Boards
Set of Wooden Boards Sale price¥73,700
Wooden Board 04Wooden Board 04
Wooden Board 04 Sale price¥26,700
Wooden Board 03Wooden Board 03
Wooden Board 03 Sale price¥26,700
Wooden Board 02Wooden Board 02
Wooden Board 02 Sale price¥21,700
Wooden Board 01Wooden Board 01
Wooden Board 01 Sale price¥21,700
Daysign Cutting Board | Small - set of 4Daysign Cutting Board | Small - set of 4
Base Knife SetBase Knife Set
Base Knife Set Sale price¥55,200
Pure Nakiri Knife LPure Nakiri Knife L
Pure Nakiri Knife L Sale price¥13,300
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