Studio 3 Sofa

Sale price3.369.100 Ft
Color: Barnum Col 24

Immerse in the timeless charm of the 70s with the Studio Sofa Landscape, a versatile modular system that adapts to your lifestyle. Boasting bold fluted upholstery and refined contemporary design, this unique piece transforms any space, from cozy corners to expansive interiors, into an inviting haven. Its movable armrest cushion enhances comfort, offering limitless relaxation and socializing opportunities. It's Italian craftsmanship meets high-quality eco-fabrics and Sørensen Leather, taking comfort to the ultimate level.

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Made to order (2-3 months)


Plywood frame, cold cure foam filling and high-quality fabrics.


W300 x D96 x H70 cm, SH47 cm

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