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Light up your life with our stunning Pedant Lamps collection. Whether you're looking for a statement piece to hang in your living room or a subtle fixture to brighten up your bedroom, we've got you covered.


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Fuji Pendant LampFuji Pendant Lamp
Fuji Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom 3.035,00 DKK
Save 17%
Muse Pendant Ø40Muse Pendant Ø40
Muse Pendant Ø40 Sale price1.894,00 DKK Regular price2.274,00 DKK
Cone Pendant LampCone Pendant Lamp
Kristina Dam
Cone Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom 3.035,00 DKK
Line Two PendantLine Two Pendant
Line Two Pendant Sale price2.731,00 DKK
Zep LampshadeZep Lampshade
Broste CPH
Zep Lampshade Sale priceFrom 829,00 DKK
Skirt 02 Pendant LampSkirt 02 Pendant Lamp
Broste CPH
Skirt 02 Pendant Lamp Sale price3.719,00 DKK
Ghost ChandelierGhost Chandelier
101 CPH
Ghost Chandelier Sale priceFrom 8.290,00 DKK
Curve PendantCurve Pendant
101 CPH
Curve Pendant Sale price2.959,00 DKK
Array Opal PendantArray Opal Pendant
CTO Lighting
Array Opal Pendant Sale price45.547,00 DKK
Array Mini OpalArray Mini Opal
CTO Lighting
Array Mini Opal Sale price14.975,00 DKK
Solid Pendant LampSolid Pendant Lamp
Solid Pendant Lamp Sale price1.514,00 DKK
Clearly Ceiling Light
Clearly Ceiling Light Sale price1.514,00 DKK
Chand Trapeze Ceiling LightChand Trapeze Ceiling Light
Chand Trapeze Ceiling Light Sale price1.514,00 DKK
Chand Oval Ceiling LightChand Oval Ceiling Light
Chand Oval Ceiling Light Sale price2.122,00 DKK
Trevi Multi 6 PendantTrevi Multi 6 Pendant
CTO Lighting
Trevi Multi 6 Pendant Sale price44.034,00 DKK
Pendulum Pendant LampPendulum Pendant Lamp
CTO Lighting
Pendulum Pendant Lamp Sale price31.402,00 DKK
Artes Pendant Lamp | BronzeArtes Pendant Lamp | Bronze
CTO Lighting
Artes Pendant Lamp | Bronze Sale priceFrom 21.895,00 DKK
Artes Pendant Lamp | BrassArtes Pendant Lamp | Brass
CTO Lighting
Artes Pendant Lamp | Brass Sale priceFrom 21.895,00 DKK
Cloche Three Pendant LampCloche Three Pendant Lamp
Cloche Three Pendant Lamp Sale price8.290,00 DKK
Cloche Two Pendant LampCloche Two Pendant Lamp
Cloche Two Pendant Lamp Sale price2.731,00 DKK
Cloche One Pendant LampCloche One Pendant Lamp
Cloche One Pendant Lamp Sale price1.590,00 DKK
Le Six Pendant LampLe Six Pendant Lamp
Le Six Pendant Lamp Sale price1.590,00 DKK
Spiedino Pendant LampSpiedino Pendant Lamp
Spiedino Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom 2.350,00 DKK
On sale
Macaron Pendant LampMacaron Pendant Lamp
Macaron Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom 1.970,00 DKK Regular price2.426,00 DKK
Deco PendantDeco Pendant
Deco Pendant Sale price2.198,00 DKK
Save 22%
Switch Pendant LampSwitch Pendant Lamp
Switch Pendant Lamp Sale price525,00 DKK Regular price677,00 DKK
Save 19%
Hat Pendant Lamp - Multiple 3Hat Pendant Lamp - Multiple 3
Hat Pendant Lamp - Multiple 3 Sale price4.100,00 DKK Regular price5.088,00 DKK
On sale
Hat Pendant LampHat Pendant Lamp
Hat Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom 1.438,00 DKK Regular price1.742,00 DKK
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