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Experience the ultimate in outdoor relaxation. From sleek and modern designs to classic and cozy styles, our collection offers a range of options to suit any outdoor space.


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Mangas Outdoor Composition 4Mangas Outdoor Composition 4
Mangas Outdoor Composition 4 Sale price$41,739.00 CAD
Mangas Outdoor Composition 3Mangas Outdoor Composition 3
Mangas Outdoor Composition 3 Sale price$32,585.00 CAD
Mangas Outdoor Composition 2Mangas Outdoor Composition 2
Mangas Outdoor Composition 2 Sale price$19,898.00 CAD
Mangas Outdoor Composition 1Mangas Outdoor Composition 1
Mangas Outdoor Composition 1 Sale price$15,241.00 CAD
Mangas Outdoor Pouf - MulticolorMangas Outdoor Pouf - Multicolor
Mangas Outdoor Pouf - Multicolor Sale price$2,393.00 CAD
Mangas Outdoor PoufMangas Outdoor Pouf
Mangas Outdoor Pouf Sale price$2,393.00 CAD
Mangas Outdoor Lounge ModuleMangas Outdoor Lounge Module
Mangas Outdoor Lounge Module Sale price$4,642.00 CAD
Capa 2 Seat SofaCapa 2 Seat Sofa
Capa 2 Seat Sofa Sale priceFrom $5,123.00 CAD
Capa Lounge ChairCapa Lounge Chair
Capa Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom $3,678.00 CAD
Outdoor Rudolph FootstoolOutdoor Rudolph Footstool
Outdoor Rudolph Footstool Sale price$5,284.00 CAD
Outdoor Rudolph Lounge ChairOutdoor Rudolph Lounge Chair
Outdoor Rudolph Lounge Chair Sale price$8,014.00 CAD
Outdoor Rudolph 3-seater SofaOutdoor Rudolph 3-seater Sofa
Outdoor Rudolph 3-seater Sofa Sale price$22,146.00 CAD
Outdoor Rudolph 2-seater SofaOutdoor Rudolph 2-seater Sofa
Outdoor Rudolph 2-seater Sofa Sale price$14,920.00 CAD
Outdoor Hippo LoungeOutdoor Hippo Lounge
Outdoor Hippo Lounge Sale price$5,122.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio 5 SofaOutdoor Studio 5 Sofa
Outdoor Studio 5 Sofa Sale price$35,315.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio 4 SofaOutdoor Studio 4 Sofa
Outdoor Studio 4 Sofa Sale price$18,292.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio 3 SofaOutdoor Studio 3 Sofa
Outdoor Studio 3 Sofa Sale price$16,686.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio 2 SofaOutdoor Studio 2 Sofa
Outdoor Studio 2 Sofa Sale price$7,051.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio 1 SofaOutdoor Studio 1 Sofa
Outdoor Studio 1 Sofa Sale price$12,190.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio CornerOutdoor Studio Corner
Outdoor Studio Corner Sale price$7,051.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio CurveOutdoor Studio Curve
Outdoor Studio Curve Sale price$7,051.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio LargeOutdoor Studio Large
Outdoor Studio Large Sale price$5,926.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio MediumOutdoor Studio Medium
Outdoor Studio Medium Sale price$4,160.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio SmallOutdoor Studio Small
Outdoor Studio Small Sale price$3,678.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio Ottoman ClassicOutdoor Studio Ottoman Classic
Outdoor Studio Ottoman Classic Sale price$3,036.00 CAD
Outdoor Studio OttomanOutdoor Studio Ottoman
Outdoor Studio Ottoman Sale price$3,357.00 CAD
Blau Singular Lounge ChairBlau Singular Lounge Chair
Blau Singular Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom $3,839.00 CAD
Blau 2-Seater SofaBlau 2-Seater Sofa
Blau 2-Seater Sofa Sale priceFrom $6,248.00 CAD
Blau Lounge ChairBlau Lounge Chair
Blau Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom $3,839.00 CAD
Blau Club ArmchairBlau Club Armchair
Blau Club Armchair Sale priceFrom $2,554.00 CAD
Bosc Sectional PoufBosc Sectional Pouf
Bosc Sectional Pouf Sale price$3,211.00 CAD
Bosc Sectional 6Bosc Sectional 6
Bosc Sectional 6 Sale price$5,780.00 CAD
Bosc Sectional 5Bosc Sectional 5
Bosc Sectional 5 Sale price$4,817.00 CAD
Bosc Sectional 2Bosc Sectional 2
Bosc Sectional 2 Sale price$6,101.00 CAD
Bosc Sectional 1Bosc Sectional 1
Bosc Sectional 1 Sale price$8,671.00 CAD
Bosc 3-Seater SofaBosc 3-Seater Sofa
Bosc 3-Seater Sofa Sale price$12,846.00 CAD
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