From stylish cutting boards and serving trays to elegant dinnerware and flatware sets, we have everything you need to create a beautiful and functional kitchen space.


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Splash Chopping Board - THAT COOL LIVINGSplash Chopping Board - THAT COOL LIVING
Splash Chopping Board Sale price$80.00
Rock Dessert Plate - Set of 2Rock Dessert Plate Set x 2 - THAT COOL LIVING
Orb Grinder Sale price$96.00
Setomono Plate L | Set of 2Setomono Plate L | Set of 2
Setomono Plate L | Set of 2 Sale price$129.00
Habana Trinket DishHabana Trinket Dish - THAT COOL LIVING
Habana Trinket Dish Sale price$161.00
Cone Pendant LampCone Pendant Lamp
Cone Pendant Lamp Sale priceFrom $647.00
Passe-Partout Cutlery SetPasse-Partout Cutlery Set
Passe-Partout Cutlery Set Sale price$388.00
Petal Chopping Board - THAT COOL LIVINGPetal Chopping Board - THAT COOL LIVING
Petal Chopping Board Sale price$64.00
Base Meat KnifeBase Meat Knife
Base Meat Knife Sale price$96.00
Capsule Drinking Glass - Large - Set of 4Capsule Drinking Glass - Large - Set of 4
Column Coat Rack - OakColumn Coat Rack - Oak
Column Coat Rack - Oak Sale price$193.00
Pure Cutlery SetPure Cutlery Set
Pure Cutlery Set Sale priceFrom $404.00
Setomono Plate S | Set of 4Setomono Plate S | Set of 4
Setomono Plate S | Set of 4 Sale price$129.00
Capsule Carafe & Glass | SetCapsule Carafe & Glass | Set
Capsule Drinking Glass - Small - Set of 4Capsule Drinking Glass - Small - Set of 4
Base Bread KnifeBase Bread Knife
Base Bread Knife Sale price$96.00
Pure Nakiri Knife LPure Nakiri Knife L
Pure Nakiri Knife L Sale price$129.00
Babel Serving StandBabel Serving Stand
Babel Serving Stand Sale price$534.00
Base Saute PanBase Saute Pan
Base Saute Pan Sale priceFrom $291.00
Pure Kitchen Utensil RackPure Kitchen Utensil Rack
Pure Kitchen Utensil Rack Sale price$80.00
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Base Santoku KnifeBase Santoku Knife
Base Santoku Knife Sale price$112.00
Target Trivet - THAT COOL LIVINGTarget Trivet - THAT COOL LIVING
Target Trivet Sale price$64.00
Pure Pot 4 L - Serene WhitePure Pot 4 L - Serene White
Pure Pot 4 L - Serene White Sale price$292.00
Pure Kitchen Utensils Set - THAT COOL LIVINGPure Kitchen Utensils Set
Pure Kitchen Utensils Set Sale price$161.00
Pure Nakiri KnifePure Nakiri Knife
Pure Nakiri Knife Sale priceFrom $80.00
Clam Wall LampClam Wall Lamp
Clam Wall Lamp Sale price$372.00
Cone Solid PendantCone Solid Pendant
Cone Solid Pendant Sale price$420.00
Pure Pot Excl. Lid - GreyPure Pot Excl. Lid - Grey
Pure Pot Excl. Lid - Grey Sale price$203.00
Pitagoras Cheese BoardPitagoras Cheese Board - THAT COOL LIVING
Pitagoras Cheese Board Sale price$161.00
Base Sauce PanBase Sauce Pan
Base Sauce Pan Sale priceFrom $226.00
Base Chef's KnifeBase Chef's Knife
Base Chef's Knife Sale price$112.00
Base Pot + LidBase Pot + Lid
Base Pot + Lid Sale priceFrom $420.00
Pure Pot 4 L - BlackPure Pot 4 L - Black
Pure Pot 4 L - Black Sale price$292.00
Pure Pot Excl. Lid - Serene WhitePure Pot Excl. Lid - Serene White
Pure Oven DishPure Oven Dish
Pure Oven Dish Sale priceFrom $64.00
Opal Bowl - BeigeOpal Bowl - Beige
Opal Bowl - Beige Sale price$226.00
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